Japan is driving the expansion of fossil fuels and worsening the climate crisis.

Japan must break its addiction and say #SayonaraFossilFuels at #COP28.

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Japan is the world’s 2nd biggest public financier of overseas fossil fuel projects and the top public financier of overseas gas and LNG.

Japan’s dirty GX energy strategy aims to expand and prolong the use of fossil fuels across Asia.

Japan must stop prioritizing corporate profits over people and planet.


Japan is the world’s biggest public funder of LNG export terminals and is pushing governments across Asia to import LNG.


Japan is pushing governments to burn ammonia with coal. This would prolong the use of dirty coal power plants.


Japan is pushing for the adoption of carbon capture and storage despite its 50-year history of failure. CCUS facilities capture less than 0.1 percent of global carbon emissions.

Rising opposition to Japan's dirty energy plans

Japan’s support for fossil fuels is directly harming communities and ecosystems, especially in the Global South, and communities and leaders are rising in opposition.

Activists organized over 60 actions across 22 countries when Japan hosted the 2023 G7 Summit urging Japan to stop derailing the global energy transition to renewable energy. This included actions in Japan, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States and Vietnam.

During this year’s ASEAN Summit, activists organized actions in 10 countries across Asia calling for ASEAN leaders to reject Japan’s false solutions and to scale up wind and solar in Southeast Asia.

G7 governments agreed to end public finance for fossil fuels by the end of 2022. But Japan has already broken this commitment by financing new gas projects in India, Indonesia and Uzbekistan this year.

Japan will face rising opposition until it stops financing fossil fuels.

Japan: Stop derailing the energy transition and shift support to renewable energy.