About Us

Fossil Free Japan is a coalition of civil society organizations and movements from Japan and across the world working together to end Japan’s support for gas, coal and oil. 

The Japanese government, private banks and corporations are driving the expansion of fossil fuels at a time when we must phase out fossil fuels to avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis. 

Japan’s promotion of fossil fuels and false climate solutions is fueling the crisis and blocking the transition to renewable energy.

Communities, civil society, and activists all over Japan – as well as communities in host countries – are working hard to encourage Japanese government officials, politicians, corporations and investors to support clean, renewable energy. International pressure from people all over the world demanding clean energy will help ensure Japan stops promoting dirty fossil fuels. 

Formerly known as No Coal Japan, our coalition expanded its mandate after the Japanese government agreed to stop financing new overseas coal projects. Our Fossil Free Japan coalition is working to pressure the Japanese government, banks and corporations to end their support for all overseas fossil fuel projects.